Employer Of Record (EOR) &
Professional Employer Organization
(PEO) Services

We are a provider of Employer of Record (EOR) solutions & Professional Employer Organization (PEO) for businesses worldwide, covering end-to-end employment services for the remote workforce. We specialize in Outsourced Payroll Services, Remote Staffing, and Visa Services. Wherever your staff may be, we bring a centralized approach to HR management, Payroll & Benefits, and Legal Compliance.

Our PEO & Global EOR Solutions

Our mission is to facilitate safe, easy, and efficient Employer of Record (EOR) and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solutions to businesses and staff. We take pride in helping our clients achieve peace of mind while fulfilling our corporate social responsibility of providing fair employment practices to professionals worldwide.

Global Employer Services | EOR Solutions

Global Employer Services

Having a global Employment of Record partner for all your employee relations, payroll, and HR matters simplifies the personable administrative flow of business, leading to increased employee happiness. Higher engagement starts here with our global EOR solutions.  learn more

Visa And Immigration Services

As your business expands and your contracts become denser, getting full compliance for your teams abroad is essential. Employ is your trusted EOR partner to quickly get things started and go to market, even in far-fetched countries. learn more

Visa & Immigration Services | EOR Solutions
Global Employer Services | EOR Solutions

International Payroll Services

Do your remote employees need harmonized HR support? Are you looking for an EOR partner to help you manage the day-to-day employee relations in several countries? Employ is your partner in global payroll services. learn more

Why Choose Employ’s EOR & PEO Solutions

grow at no cost

Expand your international workforce without breaking your bank. We will administer your HR needs to any country of your choice.

time to market

Restructure and re-engineer your international presence faster. We got your back for top talents onboarding, career planning, and retention. 

local expertise

Explore the complexities of HR rules and local employment laws. As experts in those terrains, we can help you manage employment and HR tasks in no time.


Receive timely reports that break down every expense and progress for your remote staff. Integrity is the heart of our business.


Experience the difference of having a real HR partner. Our proven track record in the HR and Staffing industry says it all.


You can always build, operate, transfer, and withdraw your workforce after a period when you need it.

Benefits of Starting EOR & PEO Solutions with Employ

Start your global team effortlessly. We will eliminate the hurdles of complying with local regulations, policies, and HR-related activities. When you sign up with our EOR solutions, your team will be fully employed by us, and we will take care of the statutory compliance with local governments.

Global EOR Solutions

For Your Existing Teams

For the Employer of Record of your existing team, we will collect the required documents and process them as employees of Employ. If needed, we will continue your previous arrangements for compensation and benefits. We will also facilitate the registration and transfer of documents to relevant government agencies. We will then manage the work-related processes on our Employ platform and track time-off, leaves, bonuses, and other features that you need.

Hiring New Employees With Employ's EOR Solutions

For New Employees

For the Employer of Record of new employees, we will facilitate onboarding and help you start in your new location without trouble. You can hire top-notch talents and create your team anywhere and with no barriers. We will fully process the paperwork and requirements and let you kick off your operations with your new team. Our HR will then manage the day-to-day admin interactions with your team while you can collaborate with your staff on your business objectives.

Step by Step Guide

Starting or expanding your international business always comes with challenges. There are factors that go into building your business abroad or hiring your remote workforce. See how we can help your business grow globally. 

Explore our solution

Strategically crafted solutions help your businesses in expanding globally. 

Start of a partnership

Let’s work together to achieve your international goals. 

Work on your budget

Start your global business with our tailored options based on your budget.

Onboard your team

Get your team on board while you demonstrate commitment and inspiration.

Launch your team

Foster effective collaboration and connection as you define their responsibilities and best practices.

Without Employ EOR & PEO Solutions

Without Employer Of Record Services - Philippines

With Employ EOR & PEO Solutions

With Employer Of Record Services - Philippines