Affiliate Program

Become an Empleyo ambassador: Grow your business globally and enjoy limitless earning potential. Joining is free, easy to set up, and requires no commitment.

Who can join?

We mostly partner with Solopreneurs, Sales people, Freelancers, as long as you have a qualified lead.

How to get started

step 01

Signup To Join

Sign up and gain access to a world of opportunity.

step 02

Set up A Call

Discuss your goals and let us tailor a strategy for your success.

step 03

Start Referring

Start referring clients to our trusted employer of record services.

How it works:

How much can you earn?

The bigger the contract, the higher earning potential.

Who are the target customers?

Any business, enterprise or professionals who have requirements for international hiring that is
not already an Empleyo customer or lead.

When will I receive my earnings?

Upon successfully signing the contract, payment of the deposit and after minimum a trimester of
the contract duration.

Is there a limit on the number of new clients I can refer or earn from the program?

There is no limit on the number of new clients you can refer. However, every contract will be
different so your earnings per contract may change.

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