Proven Ways to Avoid Visa and Immigration Problems

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Immigration And Visa Services

The power of your workforce extends throughout your organization’s processes. They are the intangible assets that separate you from the competition. Business leaders are always in the search for global talents that can add value to their companies.

In the new world of work, your next top employee may be from another country. On the other scenario, you may need to relocate your best employee to manage your international expansion. Here’s where you process visas and immigration for your workforce. 

This article shares proven ways on how to avoid visa and immigration problems for your staff.

Complete All Necessary Documents

Relocating your staff requires processes that differ from one country to another. You may encounter delays if you haven’t secured the necessary documents for these visas. 

In the United States, the first step is to complete the Employee Eligibility Verification Form or the I-9. This form certifies that your employee is an immigrant allowed to work in the U.S. The employee must also provide original documents detailing identity and employment eligibility. 

Meanwhile, in Canada, HRSD Canada must provide a Temporary Foreign Worker Permit to employees who have received a temporary offer from a Canadian business. They may ask you for their National Occupation Classification Code that classifies all forms of work in their country.

In Asia, you need to know the rules for foreign executives when conducting business in specific countries. Employers having a physical presence in these markets should be familiar with sponsoring their employees. The required documents may include a special work visa, work permit, or residency permit. Some short-term business trips for due diligence, quality control, or trade events require business visas.

Record-Keeping for Future Reference

You must keep records of immigration for at least three years or longer. It allows you to have an updated checklist on what travel documents are needed next time your employee returns to the country. Furthermore, this will serve as a reference to some legal aspects of work visas and immigration. Some countries require you to keep these records for future inspection. Aside from paper copies, it’s ideal if you keep these documents in a cloud-based system.

Monitor Visa Expirations

It is not enough to merely keep verification documents on file. You must also check the work visa expiration of your workforce with time-bound authorization. The best practice for businesses is to renew all the documents couple of months before they expire. This preventive practice will allow you to complete all the procedures and attend to complexities when they arise. 


Get Visa and Immigration Services from Experts

A great way to ease the daunting task of avoiding visa and immigration problems is to hire experts. Many providers offer this kind of service to businesses that need to relocate their employees. 

These experts have local expertise with different immigration, visa, relocation, work permits, and permanent residency procedures. Hence, rest assured that they are always in full compliance with immigration laws. 

Employ is an EOR provider that offers a full-service solution to the visa and immigration process. They will handle all the work for you when it comes to processing permits and record-keeping documents.  Discover more on how Employ’s services can help your business and contact us today or connect with us through our social platforms.

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