How Employer of Record Services Change Lives

by | Dec 22, 2021 | Employer Of Record

Human resources management is more than a career for me. It’s my passion. When I chose this path more than a decade ago, I’ve never imagined that it would take me this far.

It all started with the Asian economic boom. Many American and European companies want to explore the opportunities of the Asian market. These international organizations share challenges in hiring employees and operating in countries for expansion. At that time, I realized how vital employer of record services is for their goals.

During my meetings with business leaders, most were unaware of the employer of record services. However, when I’ve explained the benefits and presented the potential ROIs, they saw its benefits for global expansion.

One of our clients, a CEO of a supply-chain conglomerate, said that the employer of record services would change the lives of many. I’ve had reflections on what he said. It’s uplifting, and such services give opportunities to global talents, and of course, it helps companies grow new income streams.

Indeed, I’ve experienced how employer of record services changed the lives of the talented workforce in Abuja, Nigeria. I’ve worked with a client who wants to expand his manufacturing business there. As we move forward to our plans, we’re amazed at how skilled the employees are, yet they don’t have ample job opportunities.

To cut the story short, my client successfully entered the African market and built a local team in Abuja. Meanwhile, when I was there for a visit, the wife of one of the employees sincerely thanked me and hugged me as she said they’ve been financially able to send their children to school. Sometimes, people only need opportunities, and that’s what employer of record services gives to them.

For aspiring companies, there’s one success story that I always remember. A European client approached us about building an IT team because they plan to start a payroll automation firm. We’ve helped them do the onboarding for their new employees. A couple of years later, I’ve received an email from them thanking us because their services are well-received in Hong Kong, Macau, and other parts of the Chinese peninsula. They’ve noted that they couldn’t achieve such success without our local expertise on taxation and compliance.

What makes employer of record services life-changing?

For business leaders, running an enterprise takes most of their time. As a result, there are different functions they have to address to keep the operation moving forward. Keeping that in mind, having an employer of record provider helps the C-suite focus on other tasks for growth.

The nature of an employer of record service will not compete with your in-house HR department. Instead, it will collaborate with your team to make the work easier for your international expansion. In addition, it ensures total compliance with local tax and labor laws as it takes care of the welfare of your remote workforce.

Furthermore, an employer of record services creates an ideal working relationship for both employers and employees. It facilitates necessary benefits, insurance, pension funds, and other mandated regulations like Maternity leave, paid vacation, sick leave, 13th-month pay, etc.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of having an employer of record service provider far outweigh some emotional challenges. In this new world of work, where we can tap the global talent pool, EOR services will change lives for the better. 

Employ is an employer of record services providers that help businesses who like to expand globally. Let’s explore the opportunities and possibilities of distributed teams together. Learn more about Employ’s services today. Visit our blog for more related topics.

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