Benefits of Remote Teams to Your Business

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Employer Of Record

Who among you misses your physical office? Since the start of the workspace revolution, we have adapted to working remotely. Indeed, we are now in the middle of something that can change the pace of many business models and disrupt the core of their long-term goals.

Managers and business owners who are still skeptical about remote work missed out on great opportunities. Many studies found that implementing work from anywhere setup increases productivity and promotes work-life balance for employees. Hence, if you’re an entrepreneur, it’s not rocket science that you should embrace this organizational model and work patterns.

Times have changed. The COVID-19 pandemic fueled the start of the new world of work. The in-office model was challenged by mandatory lockdowns. Hence, employees were given the option to work remotely anywhere they please.

The concept of building a distributed team doesn’t only favor your workforce. It also comes with benefits for your business in many ways. Allowing your team to work remotely has numerous business benefits, regardless of your industry. Furthermore, organizations that adapt to this working style attract top talents and remain competitive.

No Boundaries for Talents and Foreign Markets

One of the advantages of a distributed team is hiring qualified employees who live in different parts of the world. Hence, remote work initiatives lead to opportunities to enter foreign markets.

Another thing about distributed teams is that it promotes cultural diversity within your organization. In addition, it makes your employees collaborate with new ideas and perspectives on how to get the job done. Hence, they can meet the demands of challenging tasks ahead.

Freedom and Balance

Remote employees save time in daily commutes and work preps. They have the autonomy to travel, spend quality family time, and engage in leisure activities that they like. There’s a slight chance that these happy employees will experience burnout which means they will stay as efficient and productive. Hence, it benefits your business when it comes to its outputs.

Flexibility and Productivity

Working in a quiet, distraction-free environment produces higher-quality work. Employees do their most essential tasks during their most creative hours. Flexibility allows them to look for inspirational settings to devote and focus on their job.

Harvard Business Review reported that remote employees performed roughly an extra day’s worth every week than in-office counterparts. Furthermore, PGI research found out that 82% of remote workers have low stress levels. As a result, it results in higher retention rates and productivity.

Explore Foreign Markets with Ease

New markets offer limitless opportunities to your enterprise. However, businesses must adhere to the local tax laws and labor regulations of the country they choose to expand. Companies that leverage EOR services explore new business territories easily.

Cost Savings on Overheads

Who doesn’t want lowered overheads? Building a distributed team doesn’t require office space rent, furniture, power, and other in-office expenditures. It may help you save on resources while relying on your remote team to perform well.

Indeed, organizations that have distributed teams are not resistant to setbacks. However, the benefits outweigh all of these things. If you need to handle your remote teams without adding up to your workflows, you may want to hire an Employer of Record (EOR) provider to help you out. Employ, an EOR provider based in the Asia Pacific can facilitate payroll, visa, and other HR duties on your behalf. Feel free to reach us today for more details about our EOR Services.

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