AI Integration at TC Disrupt 2023

by | Sep 23, 2023 | Inspiring News

This year at Tech Crunch Disrupt, various companies are embracing AI integration into their products, showcasing a diverse array of applications. The AI wave has swept across startups, becoming a must-have in product design. Without taking a specific stance, let’s dive into how some participants perceive AI integration.

AI in Movie Creation

Tye Anderson’s Wonder Dynamics exemplifies how AI can revolutionize the industry by saving considerable time and effort. This innovative tool allows for the effortless creation of virtual effects, eliminating the need for painstaking frame-by-frame work, and even offers a virtual studio experience directly in your browser.

AI in private life

For some AI pioneers, everything is bits and bots. Take Dimitry Volkov (Social Discovery Ventures, he sees “Consciousness like a software plugged on the hardware of our brains”. AI develops some kind of consciousness that can be useful on many occasions. Use Case example: Loneliness is the situation of not being fulfilled in human relations. EVA AI is providing everyday 24/7 presence and somebody to talk to for depressed or isolated users. Samantha from the movie “Her” is not far away…

Regulators’ Perspective on AI

Gary Marcus of Robust AI argues that AI, as a burgeoning entrepreneurial endeavor, must be subject to short and long-term regulation to ensure online safety for everyone, especially children. The upcoming US Senate Judiciary Hearing on Oversight of A.I. promises to shed light on this critical aspect.

The AI story is only in its infancy, and it’s natural to approach such groundbreaking changes with caution, especially considering the lessons learned from the unregulated early days of the internet and social media.

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